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Model Number LPR68111
SFP Locking Plate Rack
The SFP Locking Plate Rack is the only commercially available locking plate rack on the market. Standard unit comes with 8" plates set 12" edge to edge (Bianchi Spacing), other plate sizes are available. The AR-500 plates are bolted on so there are no welds to break and they can be changed in just a few minutes. The unit is modular in 2 plate groups so they can be eaisly taken down and stored if need be or used as 2 or 4 plate arrays. The Locking Plate Rack is also available as a manual reset and/or non locking option. The beauty is that those options can be added at a later date. This plate rack is hot dip galvanized for long weather resistance. Wireless handheld controller now available as an option
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Plate Rack
LPR68110 - Plate Rack Add-on
LPR68111 - SFP Locking Plate Rack