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This presentation is to showcase our target system and to provide some video of the different configurations possible.

The video is not scripted and has only been edited for length of content.  The video you see was taken with a group of shooters at a local range. The distance we shot the targets from was 10 yards.

Please give ample time for the videos to load it may take a while.

Secure Firearm Products has developed a target system for clubs and individuals who enjoy shooting both steel and paper targets.  The target system is constructed of heavy gauge welded steel and accepts a variety of enhancements for almost unlimited configurations.

One of the options to choose from is a 5 or 6 point rotating Shooting Star with your choice of either 6" or 8" pistol or ballistic steel rifle plates. The Shooting Star is activated by a first plate hit or by activation of a prop using the weight attachment.  The star is laser cut from one piece of steel and has a perfect weight balance which causes it to spin at the slightest outside influence. 

The Single/Swinger option allows the addition of either IPSC metric, IPSC Classic or NRA Action Pistol Tombstone targets.  The Swinger option is activated by a remote popper, door or other prop using the weight attachment. 

For those shooters who really like a challenge, the Single/Double Swinger option allows targets to cross each other in opposite directions.  It also allows the addition of either 1 or 2 shoot/no shoot targets to be placed behind or in front of the star which turns in the opposite direction of the rotation of the star.

The weight attachment can be adjusted for different levels of speed by movement of the weight up or down the rod.  There is also a stop attachment which can be utilized with the weight to stop the motion of the targets after one cycle.

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