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Products Overview
To see more information on the products listed below click the Model Number.
Handgun Cases
Model NumberDescription
12123SLSmall Handgun Case w/ Side Lock
16123SLSlimline Handgun Case w/ Side Lock
16124SLBianchi Handgun Case w/ Side Lock
18075Little Ammo Case
Shotgun Cases
Model NumberDescription
36105Single Take Down Shotgun Case
36126WTakedown Shotgun Case w/Wheels
36146WDouble Shotgun/AR Case w/wheels
Tactical Cases
Model NumberDescription
36145TTactical Firearm Case
40145TLarge AR Tactical Case
Case Mounting Systems
Model NumberDescription
12163MBWall or Floor Mounting Plates
HGMPHGMP/Handgun Mounting Plates
HMPHMP/Hinge Mounting Plate
Swinger/Star Target System
Model NumberDescription
TS0000-BSingle Swinger Attachment
TS00303" A-36 Plate for Star
TS0030-R3" AR-500 Plate for Star
TS00606" A-36 Plate for Star
TS0060-R6" AR-500 Plates for Star
TS00808" A-36 Plates for Star
TS0080-R8" AR-500 Plates for Star
TS05005 Point Star (Star only - Does not include base unit)
TS06006 Point Star (Star only - Does not include base unit)
TS1000-ABCSingle Swinger Package
TS1001-ACDouble Swinger Package
TS15005 Point Texas Star
TS16AR 500 Protective Plates for star
TS16006 Point Texas Star
Popper System
Model NumberDescription
TS0010Pepper Popper Plate.
TS0020Mini Pepper Popper Plate
TS0040Classic Popper Plate
TS0050Classic Mini Popper Plate
TS0070Split Pepper Popper Plates (Plates Only)
TS2000NO-Cal Pop & Drop Base Unit
TS2010NO-Cal Pop & Drop w/ Pepper Popper
TS2040NO-Cal Pop & Drop w/ Classic Popper
TS2050NO-Cal Pop & Drop w/ Classic Mini Popper
TS2070NO-Cal Pop & Drop w/ Split Pepper Popper
Static Target System
Model NumberDescription
TS0002-2424" Static Steel Target arm.
TS00G06" Dia. Steel Plate
TS00H08" Dia. Steel Plate
TS00H0-R8" AR-500 Plate with bracket
TS00J012" Diameter Plate
TS00K012" x 18" Steel Plate
TS00M06" x 6" sq Plate
TS00P010" Static Steel Plate with Mtg Bracket
TS00R018" x 24" Static Steel Target
TS4000Target Stand (Stand Only NO Plates)
TS40G0Target Stand w/6" Round Plate
TS40H0Target Stand w/8" Steel Plates
TS40J0Target Stand w/12" Round Plate
TS40K0Target Stand w/12 x 18" Square Plate
TS40L0Target Stand w/12 x 12" Square Plate
TS40M0Target Stand w/6" x 6" Square Plate
TS50H0Poor Man's Plate Rack
TS8XXXEconomy Static Steel Target Stands
Moving Target System
Model NumberDescription
M1180Single Track Mover
M12802 Track Mover
M13803 Track Mover
M14804 Track Mover
M1680Two Track Add-On 80'
M1X80Track Mover Rail Add-on
Plate Rack
Model NumberDescription
LPR68110Plate Rack Add-on
LPR68111SFP Locking Plate Rack
Turning Targets
Model NumberDescription
TT1022Turning Target Add-On No Control Box, 2 Target Arms, 3 Target Positions
TT1032Turning Target Add-On No Control Box, 3 Target Arms, 3 Target Positions
TT1122The SFP Turning Target System with Standard Control Box, 2 Target Holders, 3 positions.
TT1222Turning Target System Economy Control Box 2 Target Arms 3 Target Positions
TT1232Turning Target Economy Control Box 3 Target Arms 3 Target Positions
Model NumberDescription
11464-SRFiring Pin Stop Removal Tool
11490-SR-DSpring Tester w/Digital Scale Kit
11539Spring Tester Adapter
11835Cartridge Chute for Dillon XL650
Misc Products
Model NumberDescription
AP1-CTRAP1 Target Center Pasters
BAT-NBattery N Size
CR2032CR2032 Battery for Red Dots and Sights
POCKET SCALEdigital pocket scale
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