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Model Number TS50H0
Poor Man's Plate Rack
The Poor Man's Plate rack is just that, an economical light weight yet sturdy target system. Plates are adjustable to any position along the horizontal bar and the horizontal bar is adjustable from 6" to 6' from the ground. Another feature is that as many or as few plates can be used on the unit. Adjustable center lines allow you to practice different shooting disciplines. Uprights and Horizontal bar are constructed of solid steel bar for years of use. Legs fold up and set up is done with 1 wrench. Can be stored in a small space and easily transported to the range in the back of your truck or SUV.
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Static Target System
TS0002-24 - 24" Static Steel Target arm.
TS00G0 - 6" Dia. Steel Plate
TS00H0 - 8" Dia. Steel Plate
TS00H0-R - 8" AR-500 Plate with bracket
TS00J0 - 12" Diameter Plate
TS00K0 - 12" x 18" Steel Plate
TS00M0 - 6" x 6" sq Plate
TS00P0 - 10" Static Steel Plate with Mtg Bracket
TS00R0 - 18" x 24" Static Steel Target
TS4000 - Target Stand (Stand Only NO Plates)
TS40G0 - Target Stand w/6" Round Plate
TS40H0 - Target Stand w/8" Steel Plates
TS40J0 - Target Stand w/12" Round Plate
TS40K0 - Target Stand w/12 x 18" Square Plate
TS40L0 - Target Stand w/12 x 12" Square Plate
TS40M0 - Target Stand w/6" x 6" Square Plate
TS50H0 - Poor Man's Plate Rack
TS8XXX - Economy Static Steel Target Stands